Vladimir Putin

McCaffrey, John L.

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The creation of a separate company to serve Canada one of the first important acts of the present International Harvester Company. The United States company formed in 1902, and International Harvester of Canada created just one year later, in 1903. The Hamilton works of the Canadian company this year completing its first half-century of production. The physical growth of the Canadian company in that half-century. The Canadian company becoming more and more Canadian; natural, but not accidental. How this was intended. The fundamental policy that the Canadian company shall develop its organization, its functions and its facilities on the basis of autonomy. Expenditure figures since the end of World War II for additions to production, engineering and distribution facilities, with details. Production details and arrangements between the Canadian company and the U.S. company. Acknowledging Canada's world leadership in certain areas of economic activity; newsprint, asbestos, nickel, platinum, aluminum, zinc, cobalt, lead, fur and fishing. Canadian events prominent in the headlines with regard to the development of natural resources. Canada's frontier economy and her expectations for the development in the future; a review and a consideration, with statistics. Population, productivity, mechanization, agriculture, automobile production, manufacturing, retail trade, foreign trade. Some very optimistic conclusions by the speaker with regard to Canada's future.

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