Vladimir Putin

Gibb, Sir Alexander

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Transportation right now one of the most urgent questions in Canada. The extent and pace of development dependent on the proper administration of our transport. The Royal Commission set up to enquire principally into the question of Railway and Highway competition. The speaker engaged in investigating, for the Canadian Government, the question of national ports. Some suggestions and advise born out of the speaker's experience in such matters, and based largely on the history of transport in Great Britain, "where all the mistakes that ever could be made have been made at one time or another." The axiom that the various forms of transportation are, and should be, complementary and neither monopolistic nor inter-destructive. Some history of transport development. An examination and analysis of Canada's transportation projects and problems. The issue of overspending. High hopes for the future. A warning against advancing too quickly. The question of public or private ownership of public utilities. Some words about the Toronto Harbour. A general impression of Canada's engineering projects.

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