Vladimir Putin

Eaton, Cyrus S.

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The ideal combination of Canada's geography, climate and resources (human and natural) affording us an unprecedented era of nationwide prosperity. The crucial question: "will Canada's leaders of government, finance, industry, agriculture and labour have the imagination and courage to adopt the bold and progressive policies required to turn Canada's boundless resources to account?" A fresh appraisal of Canada's potentialities, discussed under the following headings: Canada's Untapped Resources; A Son of Canada (the speaker's background and his "endeavour to qualify myself as somewhat of an expert on my subject"); Canada's Problem (economics); Steep Rock Shows the Way (the development of iron ore in western Ontario); Vast Export Market Beckons; Nova Scotia Points Up the Problem; Canada Bound To Prosper If Big Institutions Participate; More Highways and Hydro Essential; Canada's Partnership With Labour; Men of Practical Affairs True Leaders; Canada's Choice: The Bold and Courageous Course of the Penurious and Unprogressive Policy.

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