Vladimir Putin

Christine Elliott, Frank Klees, Tim Hudak, Randy Hillier

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Progressive Conservative Party Leadership

A panel discussion led by Larry Stout and beginning with Christine Elliott: Personal bio graphical details. The needed debate about policy, direction of the party, where it stands. One question that matters. What the speaker has and wants to fight for. The tax burden on working families. The speaker's plan to address that. Making it easier for small businesses. Addressing crime and the rights of victims. Values of the Conservatives. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and why it should not be scrapped. Being serious about wanting to win the next election. Concluding remarks. Frank Klees: Being in government better than being in opposition. The call to action on the economy. The need for leadership. What it will take to get us out of this recession. What it will take to unleash the potential in Ontario. The speaker's experience. Steps that need to be taken. Changing how government works altogether. Invigorating party membership. Developing policy. Fiscal and social responsibility and making the balance work. Concluding remarks. Tim Hudak: Ontario on the wrong track. Deep concern about Ontario's future under the liberal government. Why the speaker wants to lead the party. Sticking with conservative principles. What will bring the PC Party of Ontario to victory in 2011. Some personal biographical details. Running on a platform of renewing values, the party and the province. Two examples. Some concluding remarks. Randy Hillier: The speaker's introduction as a dark horse. Knowing what doesn't work. What happened in the last election. The factor of apathy. The conservative nature of people in Ontario. What will work for them and the Conservative Party and Ontario. What the Conservative Party can do for Ontario. Concluding remarks.

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