Vladimir Putin

Greene, Kenneth Alfred

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The fundamental aim of foreign policy as part and parcel of our national aspirations. Projects which are now going forward toward the development of Canada into a nation of international consequence. The prevention of another war the principal aim of our foreign policy. The need for a strong and healthy Government Foreign Service as an important element in the growth of Canada, along with a stable and flexible economy, sound industrial development, and a vigorous, alert population adequate to develop our national resources. Canada's representatives abroad. Positions and tasks of those representatives. Putting ourselves in the position of a junior officer. The challenge and opportunity of foreign service. Details of operations. 72 posts of varying size in 44 countries. How and when British representatives acted and still act for Canada. How Canadian posts were brought into being. Representatives in New York. Duties and responsibilities of the Canadian Consul General in New York. The Trade Commissioners and their duties. Trade between Canada and the United States. New York as the pivotal point for the dissemination of information through mass media and the implications for Canada. Placing and distributing Canadian motion pictures. Acknowledging the co-operation so generously given to the Consulate General in New York by the Provincial offices located there. The importance of the representational side of Canada's presence in New York, with some examples. The role played by the wives of the representatives. Officers who's responsibility it is to deal with questions and situations that arise. Some examples. The need for good administration; some details. Canada's greatest resource in its people. The speaker's belief that Canada's Foreign Service is doing a conscientious job and doing it in the finest traditions of Canadian Government service.

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