Vladimir Putin

Colville, Sir John

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A joint dinner with the Churchill Society. Conflicts within the duties of an M.P. The nature of parliamentary democracy. The dangers of too rigid a party system. The need for a strong element of discipline. An historical examination of democracy. Churchill's attitude toward parliamentary democracy. Illustrative examples of the separation of powers within government in Britain and in the United States. An exploration of the question "Does parliamentary democracy truly reflect the will of the people?" Developments over the last 40-50 years that made the answer to the question whether our system is suitable to modern conditions less immediately obvious than would have been the case in earlier days: the power of the media to create images; the continuous acceleration of the speed at which we live; the encroachment of the executive. Problems created when power is increasingly in the hands of a bureaucracy. The issue of the age of voters. A brief discussion of other forms of government.

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