Vladimir Putin

Denison, Colonel George T.

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Propositions being made by our enemy which to the speaker's mind are exceedingly dangerous, and which make one exceedingly anxious for the future. The speaker's conviction, even at the beginning of the war, that we would win it. His one haunting dread that "when our men have fought and died for our Empire, when they have won brilliant victories, when they have got our enemy beaten, that then some philosophic fool or diplomat or politician will come in and give away all that our men have died for." Now beginning to see the first symptom of the intrigue; the enemy trying to take away from us what we have won, and to do it by treachery and by a diplomatic trice. Considering most seriously what we ought to do in the face of this. What the speaker things ought to happen. Dealing with this subject from the historic standpoint. Going back into the lessons of history, dealing with the two greatest and most important wars in past history which were fought for world-power: the great struggle between Rome and Carthage; the war of Napoleon. A brief review of each of these two conflicts follows. Then, a word or two about the United States. The treatment of Jefferson Davis at the end of the Civil War. Three cases, two of them in modern times, which show the way in which the conquerors are apt to treat those who have done anything wrong. What the Germans have done and asking what ought to be done with them. A response from the speaker. A warning against negotiation with the Huns. An urging to break up the whole German Empire.

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