Vladimir Putin

Gordon, Charles

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What we must keep in mind when planning. The prerequisites to the making of good plans. The plan prepared for the London County Council for the redevelopment of a large part of the London area, even in the midst of Germany trying to bomb London out of existence. Such planning a monumental one which will serve as a pattern and an inspiration to other community planners everywhere. The rapidly growing momentum in almost every large North American city today, of the making of postwar community plans. Plans for improvements. Appealing futuristic panoramas. The tendency to stress the advantages, and hide the costs. Reasons for this sudden interest in community planning and rehabilitation. Finding solutions for local travel problems. The need for better understanding of the causes and remedies of the difficulties that confront us in cities. A brief analysis of the three major stages in the development of North American cities. The decentralization of urban areas. Our failure to deal with transportation problems in and into major urban areas. Some features of the London County Council Plan, especially in terms of traffic control. Plans for the construction of great superhighways or arterials or limited ways in urban areas. Proposals for the improvement of public transit facilities. Some capacity figures. Some of the dangers in planning for tomorrow's cities.
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