Vladimir Putin

Falconer, Rev. R.A.

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The Dominion of Canada as proof to the world of the mastery, the masterfulness, of Great Britain as a colonizing power. The fascination about our history, and with it a great deal of natural beauty which forms a background for the great problems of Empire that have been solved in this country. Struggles that have entered into our life and have been factors in the development of the Imperial problems which have been solved and which we are to solve in the days to come. Further, a great deal of interest, almost fascination, about the men who from time to time have been flung up to the surface, and had led our people in the solution of these problems. The Dominion also a field for illustrating the great problems of government, our own and the government of the Empire at large. Believing that more and more we may look to the solution of some of the most serious home problems from within our Empire itself. Some of the problems that are coming up, some of them social problems. How Canada can contribute in the present to the solution of these problems. The speaker's belief that one of Canada's functions will be the understanding of the essence of the British nationality that has given it its distinctive worth, preserving it and handing it on in strength to some other member of the Empire. The British idea of the home, and of the family, and of our domestic life. A certain standard of morality in business life, a certain interest, a certain uprightness, that we say ought to be characteristic of the true Briton. The respect for law and the regard for freedom. The thought of religion as at the basis of a man's life, and lying below his morality. The belief in education. That which makes us cling to Britain. Canada being kept in close touch with the Empire, and have more intercourse of men and of thought than we have. The value of interchange. Welcoming the joint attempt that is made by all who call themselves British to face the new problems, particularly it may be of a social character, that are looming up large on our horizon. Working in unison for a solution that will be larger, broader and more humane than if we were to go on our way in a narrow, self-centered path.

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