Vladimir Putin

Walker, Dr. Kenneth

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What it is like being a syndicated medical journalist. The speaker's proposal that "The Healthy Barmaid" be appointed the new Minister of Health. Proving to the audience that his 85-year-old barmaid is a wise old owl who could prevent needless disease and even balance the health-care budget. Her first move. "The Healthy Barmaid as Minister of Health would tell them to buy a bottle of wine." The medical value of moderate drinking. "The Healthy Barmaid as Minister of Health would teach preventive medicine in the schools." The ease of practicing preventive medicine. She would also "stress that obesity is the number-one killer." Some facts and figures about obesity and its complications. Nutrition. "The Healthy Barmaid ... would defend Canadian farmers." Farmers not responsible for the epidemic of heart disease. The importance of calcium and estrogen. Some facts about osteoporosis. "The Healthy Barmaid as Minister of Health would stress that humans deserve the same nutritional treatment as gorillas!" The role of vitamins for a healthy life. "The Healthy Barmaid … would have this message about cancer patients." A look at the various treatments for cancer. The issue of the administration of painkillers. The issue of euthanasia. "The Healthy Barmaid … would have a message for the deans of Canada's medical schools." Too many doctors who are book-smart … but can't talk to a wall. The importance of communication between doctor and patient. "The Healthy Barmaid wouldn't mince words about our troubled health-care system." Reminding the public and her fellow politicians that no country has enough money to give everyone all the health care he or she demands. Abuse of the health-care system. Laws on the use of illegal drugs. Accomplishing well-being by practicing prevention at an early age.

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