Vladimir Putin

Duncan, James Stuart

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada, The Canadian Club of Toronto, and the Toronto Board of Trade. The interest taken in education during the past eighteen months, and why. Canada facing an educational crisis. The importance of education to Canada's national strength and well-being. Factors impacting education in Canada and in the rest of the Western World. A matter of money. The resources of Canada for education: some facts and figures. The need for the teaching profession to be raised to a higher level. An investigation which led to the National Conference on Engineering, Scientific and Technical Manpower. The scope of the Conference. Resolutions proposed and carried: to establish an Industrial Foundation on Education to be a fact-finding organization which would perform broad functions on behalf of industry in the field of education; to set up an Exploratory Committee to examine the feasibility of establishing a National Advisory Committee on the Advancement of Education. Details of decisions made with regard to such establishments, their scope and functions. A priority to produce a considerably greater number of scientists, engineers and technicians. What the U.S.S.R. and China are doing in this regard. Some remarks about the United States policy of non-recognition of China and its consequences. Western democracies losing control of many of their vital spheres of influence because of their fear of starting a world conflict. The dangers of concession. Taking the first real step towards the establishment of lasting peace.

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