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Branscombe, Edward

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Mr. Branscombe was accompanied by his choir of men and boys, The Westminster Glee Singers. Our awareness of what music can do. The spiritual aspect of music. The enormous power that music has in religious observances and ceremonies. Music as the most potent former of character that the world knows. The ability of music to affect our mood, with examples. The bearing of music on health. The power of music to heal. Instances of the application of this healing power of music. The value of music in business life, with illustrative examples. The role of music in the education of the young. Regarding music as an integral part of the education and up-bringing of every child. Making music with any dialect. The relationship between diction and music. The importance of singing in past times. The Madrigal Society. The speaker's belief that everybody can sing. The need for ear training in schools. The importance of community singing. The effect on our emotions from community singing, with illustrations. A discussion of different interpretations of the same music. Superficial and erroneous views of the way music helps the community. A discussion of jazz. Ways in which music can foreshadow what is coming in the very near future. The modernist movement in music. The binding together of the Empire through music. The address concludes with a musical performance.

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