Vladimir Putin

Sachs, Albie

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The joy in South Africa right now, and a description of their new flag. How the ANC is developing their new South Africa; with a sense of participation and involvement of everybody. The variety of anti-apartheid approaches now. How that sense of joy and sense of release and achievement has come about. The new South Africa's historical moment: emerging out of pain; out of suffering; out of prolonged and intense negotiation, struggle, fighting with each other, bargaining. Some remarks about the phase South Africa is in now. The desire to South Africanise South Africa, and what that means. Many details about what is happening in South Africa, and what they are trying to accomplish. Ideas of international humanity coupled with hard-headed constitutional arrangements thrashed out over the years. Where the ANC stands now. Having achieved the impossible, going for the nearly impossible. What is now possible on the basis of give-and-take, sharing and respect. South Africa as a place for investment. Looking forward to direct capital investment and transfer of technology from Canada to South Africa. Canada's special role to play in terms of culture, history, style, and language. Points of contact and correspondence.

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