Vladimir Putin

Barclay, Lyman W.

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Some personal reminiscences by the speaker about his childhood, the strictness of his father, the lack of companionship for boys. The necessity for boy companionship, of passing on idealism into the life of a boy which will lead him on. A consideration of the cause of Canadian boyhood. A discussion of the three great fundaments in Canadian education for the next fifty years: training our youth to be good, strong, healthy, sane physical creatures; a training in morale; training in character. These as the basis of the Scout movement. The plan of the Scout movement, by which local men, practicing with local boys, build the local community, and by building the local community, building the nation. Of what a community is made. The importance of home life. The element of the church and the school in the community. The Scout movement as a supplement to the home, the church, the school. The problem of establishing this type of training for boys, and the problem of the companionship of older men. The speaker's great wish to see the right sort of companionship in the Scout movement in Canada, and especially in the Province of Ontario.

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