Vladimir Putin

Dwyer, The Honourable Michael

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The recent tragedy at Moose River. Some history of coal mining and the accidents and catastrophes that are involved in the industry. The heroism of the men and women in the coal mining industry. A detailed description of the mining accident at Moose River, and the rescue. Paying tribute to the miners' courage. Some words on the relationship between Ontario and Nova Scotia. Trade relations between Nova Scotia and Upper Canada. Nova Scotia's contribution to Confederation, and agreements made at that time regarding trade with Central Canada. Looking at Canada as a nation rather than a group of provinces. Consequences if the Nova Scotia coal mines close. How Nova Scotian coal is keeping the coal price down. Coal and steel to be considered a national issue or a national product, and why. Nova Scotia desiring nothing that they are not prepared to give to the rest of Canada. Goods from Ontario protected. The need for a reciprocal relation with Nova Scotia.