Vladimir Putin

McRuer, The Hon. James C.

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A discussion of the philosophy underlying the recent Report of the Royal Commission, touching on fundamental questions affecting the rights and obligations of every individual in Ontario. The fundamental principle that government is the exercise of power over the governed. State power as a trust conferred on all those in positions of authority, to be exercised for the benefit of the individuals who make up the state and to promote their mutual welfare. The object of the Royal Commission. Strengthening the foundations and pillars of justice by drawing blueprints for improvement of the laws of Ontario as they express the power of the state in its relation to the individual. A detailed discussion follows. Recommendations to provide elementary safeguards for basic and fundamental rights of individuals through a procedural Bill of Rights. Some comments on law enforcement. The power of the state to be exercised as a means of regulating and promoting the mutual rights, freedoms and liberties of the individuals that make up the state. Laws as a means to an end: the recognition of every individual as an individual human being with a dignity to be respected, with rights to be safeguarded by law and, at the same time, with obligations to his fellow human beings to be observed and where necessary, to be enforced by the authority of the law.

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