Vladimir Putin

Igleheart, Austin S.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada, The American Men's Club of Toronto and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The growing pains of nations; Canada having them now. The puzzle as to why most people prefer to work for big business, own its stock and buy its products, but just don't like big business. The speaker's idea that these are the results of growing pains. The speaker's admonition to Canadians to not copy the mistakes of the United States. Canada's opportunity, with such phenomenal growth, to create a solid basis for broad understanding of the role of business in our economy. The speaker's experiences over the last 40 years in business. A discussion and review of some of the major mistakes the speaker has seen in business, addressed under the following headings: Overlooking Individualism; Prosperity Thought Shameful; Skeletons Still in our Closets; Many Bosses; When Is A Business Big?; Why Big Business; Public is Big Winner; and The Road Ahead. Topics covered include the under-estimation of the size and scope of our most important responsibility, selling the system. Room in the business world for both small and large. People acting ashamed of material abundance. A paralysis in the business world. Rules, regulations, and controls becoming epidemic. Making the system come alive for people. The paradox of discontent in the midst of plenty. Reaching the awkward stage of industrial development. The fabric of communication no longer fitting; workers who once knew their big bosses by their first name seldom seeing them. High hopes for mass communications which didn't work well at the individual level. Trouble with human relations (a term not needed 30 years ago). Business management's youthful exuberance turning to shyness. A poor impression leading to the caricatured businessman. The public misunderstanding of profits; what they are and what they do. Confusion over terms. The history of General Foods presenting an interesting, if not entirely typical, case history of how businesses grow up. The case against big business implausible and inconsistent. The critical need for the benefits of large scale production. The right of business to grow. Big business giving a powerful push to progress. Correcting the growing pains. The speaker's belief that Canada will do a better job than the United States in dealing with growing pains.

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