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Wadia, Bahman Pestonji

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Greetings from the ancient civilization and land of India. The present condition in India giving serious cause for thought to all who have the interests of that country at heart. Two great epochs which have marked, in recent times, the political development of the country: one which opened with the outbreak of the war in 1914; the second which opened with the establishment, for the first time in the history of British India, of a legislative assembly made up of elected representatives of the Indian people, who are trying to handle the very complex and very delicate situation of today. Indian on the way to a Dominion status. Reports from India of riots, of bloodshed, of the non-co-operation movement. Remembering that there is a harmonious and steady evolution also taking lace which is not reported. The need for every part of the British Commonwealth to have its own position clearly understood in other parts. Tracing the political developments that have taken place since 1914, and which are taking place now, starting with India at the outbreak of the war when it was a benevolent autocracy. The disappearing of respect for British traditions of England by Indian politicians. Reasons for the beginning of the movement for home rule for India. Steps towards home rule. Controversy over the Mesopotamian Report. Mr. Montagu's visit to India as Secretary of State for India and his consultations during that visit. Mr. Montagu's bill which indicated a transfer of power into the hands of the elected representatives of the Indian people. The tragedy of Amritsar. Satisfying the Indian populace on the rancor that is remaining from this incident. The position of Moslems and of Mohammedans with regard to the position of the Caliph, the Sultan of Turkey. Mr. Gandhi's dissatisfaction with the reforms. Measures introduced and passed by the Indian Legislative Chamber during this time. The Indian Government composed, half and half, of Indians and Europeans. Trusting that the discrimination of the Government of India will lead them to a more harmonious method of development. Following the despatch that came over the wires today, the speaker urges us to take the position of the Government of India in that despatch in relationship to the events that are precipitating in India. A cleavage of opinion between the Government of India and the British Cabinet which may open a third epoch. The speaker's belief that the Government of India is right. Responsibilities and tasks of the Government of India. The sentiment and feeling of the Indian populace in reference to the British connection. The readiness of India for self-government Dominion status. The essential need for India to recognize its position as things move at a fast pace. Who will fight the battles of India. The need for the British Commonwealth to begin to take a genuine interests in the affairs of India, and why they should do so.

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