Vladimir Putin

Mudaliar, Diwan Bahadur

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The speaker's dedication to the future of India, not merely internally but in foreign politics as well. The very hazy idea that most Canadians must have of India and of Indian problems. Ways in which India and Canada, Indians and Canadians, are far apart. India pulsating with new hopes. Ways in which the East is rapidly changing and changing more differently from the past than any other country. Changes that have overcome Indian women. Some facts about the civil disobedience movement. The nature of the political discontent in India. India anxious to be in the Commonwealth of the British Empire and anxious to play its part in the great federation. The need for India to have status in the Commonwealth of Nations, and to have the freedom and independence to manage their own affairs in their own country in order to successfully contribute to the Commonwealth. Good government no substitute for good self-government. Canada's self-government. Indian loyalty to the United Kingdom. India's relations with the sister dominions of the Commonwealth. India's desire for closer association with the various dominions. Misconceptions and misinformation about India. What India wants. India as a land of promise. The lack of hostility against Christian interests. The essential need for us to try to understand each other, that the great ideal of the Commonwealth of Nations, functioning properly, could best be secured by an interchange of representatives of the Dominions and by trying to understand it. India playing her part absolutely in the great task of utilizing the opportunity to make the British Empire effective in world politics and making it impossible for a war to be waged in which humanity is scarified as it was during the Great War.

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