Vladimir Putin

Finlay, Lord Robert

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The Crown as a bond of Empire. The British connection that is a fervent feeling of attachment. The advantages to all parts of the Empire that is carried with the union of the Empire. An appeal to stick together. The magnificent part played by Canada in the war. The desire for a closer union between such great Dominions as Canada and the Mother Country. Improvement in the means of transit across the Atlantic. The more formidable means of communication with Australia and India. Working on the foundation which has been laid during the war through an Imperial Council for the purpose of considering all questions of an Imperial nature. The need for parliaments in Canada and in Great Britain. What can be done in the way of closer union. The strength of the tie to a great extent consisting of its looseness. The experience in aviation which was gained during the war possibly in the days of peace being employed for abridging the time occupied in the passage of the Atlantic. Canada's foremost position in using the air as the medium of conducting military operations during the war and possibilities for future development. The question of the appeal from the Courts of the Dominions which now lies to His Majesty in Council. Advantages arising from one final tribunal of appeal, as witness in Great Britain. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The desirability of establishing peace not only between the nations but also between capital and labour. Taking great care in devising schemes for the benefit of the workmen that we do not frighten away capital. Some suggestions for involving employees in a share of the business. Some comments on freedom, and on the right to work. The issue of strikes. The importance of sea power. The Empire's sea power, vital to the Mother Country which depends upon the sea for its supplies of food; the existence of sea power vital to the Dominions who want protection from those powerful neighbours who will be envious of their prosperity. What might have happened to the British Empire if it had not had the predominance of the British Navy during the great late war. Having won the war by union, now winning our way through the difficulties of peace by union.

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