Vladimir Putin

Foulkes, General Charles

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A look at some of the criticism of Canadian Defence policy over the past few years. Why such a situation exists. A critical look at what Canada should be doing in the defence field in the nuclear era. First, gaining a clear concept of what defence is possible today and in the next few years. A review of this issue, with detailed discussion looking at various aspects including the weaponry, the rapid strides being made in the technology of weapons development; the training and equipping of forces; present Canadian commitments and the value of each contribution as part of the deterrent; determining the necessity of providing nuclear warheads; the size and the scope of the United States Strategic Forces in North America; Canada's provision of an air defence system; defence arrangements made with the U.S.; negotiating new tasks with NATO authorities; the possibility of negotiations that did not include nuclear weapons; a re-organization of the Canadian forces in Europe; providing military personnel for the U.N. mediatory forces and for the International Truce Commission in Indo China. Factors in appreciating the nuclear problem. Arrangements necessary to ensure that nuclear warheads are readily available for our troops if they are attacked: the subterfuge, misinformation and confusion surrounding this issue. The question of the use of force in this era of nuclear plenty. Using conventional weapons. Long-term aims concerning disarmament and what we should do in the meantime. Eliminating the possibility of war by accident or miscalculation. Agreements for the prohibition of the use of space by armed satellites, and for a mutual reporting system for all launchings of missiles and satellites. Canada as a true partner in consultation with the United States in order to be able to advocate and encourage steps to avoid nuclear conflict.

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