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Robinson, Major-General C.W.

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The precious legacy which has been left to the descendants and other sin Canada, namely, an Empire united under the British Crown. The common origin of the many United Empire Loyalists' Associations throughout Canada. Colonel, first Governor of Upper Canada, who commanded the "Queen's Rangers" in the Revolutionary War. The example, influence, and traditions of the United Empire Loyalists, handed down in Canada through now more than a century, as the most potent of the factors which have kept this Dominion through adversity and prosperity, staunch in her loyalty to the British Crown and unchanged in her preference and affection for British institutions. A history of the United Empire Loyalists. The Charter of the United Empire Loyalists. The names of those in the Council who united with the Governor in conferring the Charter. Comments on the defence of Canada. The Imperial Conference on defence matters held in 1909; agreements of principles reached: that without superiority at sea the Empire could not be maintained; that it was the duty of each self-governing colony to provide for its own territorial security. The importance of sea-power to Canada, including power on the waters of the Great Lakes, the inland waters of Hudson Bay, and power on the St. Lawrence. Canada by nature destined to be a naval power. Ways in which Canada is already an independent nation. A Canadian navy as a fitting continuation of Canada's work of defence in the construction of her great transcontinental railways, the improvement of her water communications, and the organization of her land forces. Reasons to welcome a Canadian navy. A Canadian navy required for the security of the territorial waters of Canada. Some lessons which the last great war in defence of the Canadian frontier, that of 1812-14, has taught us: the importance of ascendancy on the Lakes, and the necessity to look to the safety of certain cities upon their borders, such as Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, and Quebec. Some words from some widely accepted authorities in this regard. The best defence an active defence. Difference opinions to those of the speaker, and his response to them. A weak southern frontier against the interests of peace. The United States not the only power which, under certain national combinations, might succeed in pushing up the St. Lawrence and landing an expedition on Canadian soil. Defensive measures taken by the United States. The security of the territorial borders of Canada perhaps dependent upon whether Canada follows on her own shores of the Lakes and her own water frontier, the lead and example of America.

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