Vladimir Putin

Gow, J. Graham

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The speaker's duties, representing New Zealand all over the world, looking up overseas markets. His first move to visit South Africa, and the success of the trip. From there to England and his reception there. Subsidization of steamers from New Zealand to Africa, and to the west parts of England. Competition for British markets with Russia. Talking preferential tariffs in Lancashire, the great free trade part of England. Efforts to have Great Britain do something for the Colonies in terms of trade. The adoption of these views by The Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, said to have been persuaded by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Dick Seddon. Proceeding through Canada to Hong Kong. Finding the people of Hong Kong loyal to the British flag. The volume of trade being done by England. Accommodation of British ships going into American ports. The passage of a Bill two years ago in New Zealand, placing all foreign nations on the same footing. The speaker's reception at Shanghai and their willingness to have a preferential tariff with New Zealand. From Singapore to Penang, India. Allowing teas from the British Empire to enter New Zealand free from Ceylon and India. The situation in Japan. Doing business with Japan. Back to New Zealand, then Africa again. Opposition from South American in Africa in the way of mutton, butter, etc. Up to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Negotiating for preferential trade. Back to England. Seddon's activities in the Pacific. The recommendation that Britain recognize the Colonies, and have Colonial representatives in England or in Britain to advise them what they ought to do.
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