Vladimir Putin

Baillieu, The Lord

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Toronto Branch of the English-Speaking Union. The English-Speaking Union. A brief picture of the personnel of the government of the Union. Raising funds for the Union. Attracting youth to the movement. Carrying the message to the factory door, to both sides of industry, and as far and wide as we can. Establishing a Current Affairs Committee and representation on it. Purpose and activities of the Union. The challenge of our time as the preservation of our freedom. What freedom is, and what the challenge means. The struggle to preserve freedom throughout history. On what the preservation of freedom depends: the rule of law; a strong united British Commonwealth; an intimate, an understanding partnership in world affairs between the British Commonwealth and the United States of America; policies deriving from that partnership which will carry confidence and understanding in the young nations now emerging east of Suez, throughout Asia and in Africa, and which will convince them that they have nothing to fear and everything to hope for by joining with us rather than attaching themselves to the Communist bloc. A brief but detailed look at each of these requirements. The speaker's feeling, as an Australian, that the vital core in the structure of the British Commonwealth still remains Britain. Conditions in Britain. Some predictions about the immediate future, especially with regard to science and technology and how that will affect industry. Some concluding remarks with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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