Vladimir Putin

Gilmour, J.T.

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The attitude of society towards the delinquent through several long and cruel centuries. Our tendency, when we think of prisoners, to think "en masse." Two basic facts that we should lever keep before us when dealing with delinquents: that the great majority of delinquents are handicapped in life's race either by mental, moral, or physical defects; that the great majority of delinquents are made in their youth. Heredity and defective early environment as the two chief cases of delinquency. The speaker's increasing disinclination, as he works in this field, to ascribe any great degree of delinquency to heredity. Becoming convinced of the redeemability of humanity. Two or three types of the classes that compose the average prison population. A word about the prison farm in Guelph. The speaker's belief that it is not possible for a young man in the formative years of his life to spend six months in a prison cell and ever be quite the same afterwards. The hardening, degrading, callousing effect imprisonment has on people. Word done at the farm in Guelph. The personal touch that tells when dealing with delinquents.

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