Vladimir Putin

Falconer, Sir Robert

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Canadians considering whether or not we as a people should not take a larger interest in the affairs of the world outside of us. When a Canadian goes to London. Being impressed by the magnitude of London and the Empire. The educated Englishman knowing more about Europe than Canada, and why that is so. London as the centre of the Empire. England's foreign affairs and Canada's interest in them. A visit to Wembley. Seeing the value to human society of British Administration by looking at Africa. Another Exhibition in Paris, as different from Wembley as could be. The lack of exhibits from England, Canada, the United States, Germany. The countries that did exhibit. The industrial exhibition and what it showed. The passionate desire on the part of Paris to maintain her outstanding position in Europe, and if possible in the world. France as the leading nation of Europe, and Paris the leading city in the old days. The future destiny of Paris. What can be done to assure Paris her place in the world, and the French people their place in the world. The need for England and France to remain friends. England as a part of Europe. France as a difficult ally. Geneva, where England and France meet as the two leaders who stand opposite in an endeavour to secure the leadership, at least on France's part. The atmosphere of Geneva for such an institution as the Society or the League of Nations. The real power of the League. Current issues facing the League. The need for Canadians to take an interest in what is happening in Europe, and at the League. The development that the speaker thinks Canadians must look forward to. The need for a Minister of Foreign Affairs, and what his role would be. The speaker's confidence that Canada will be forced to assume a position in the world in the not distant future, by our growing prosperity, by our enlargement, by our connection with the British Empire.

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