Vladimir Putin

Norwood, Dr. Frederick

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Patriotism and the Empire. Living in a time of transition. Three great reasons which will always distinguish our time. First, the tremendous intellectual revolution, with reference to Darwin's "The Origin of Species." Second, the tremendous increase in human inventiveness and in discovery, with example. Third, the Great War. On the road to civilization, but not there yet. A definition and examination of patriotism. The possibility of being patriotic and yet also having a world view of things. A discovery of the Great War: that we had no institutions that corresponded to the facts; all our political institutions were nationalistic. The dream of the League of Nations; why and how it arose. The two principles that came out of the war: the principle that culminated in the League of Nations, and the principle of nationalism, cruder than ever. Some examples. A look at the League of Nations, then the British Empire. Another Empire forming south of Canada. The fight between the spirit of a narrow nationalism and the spirit of a broad world citizenship. Hope for the progress of civilization. Looking to the British Empire for leadership.

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