Vladimir Putin

Frederick Ma Si-hang

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Some opening comments from the speaker about his memories of Toronto. Some good reasons to pay a visit to Hong Kong. Commonalities in a wide variety of areas between Hong Kong and Canada. Shared beliefs and philosophies. Some statistics as trading partners. Reunification and the challenges it brought. Health and financial crises. Today's stock market in Hong Kong. Some other current statistics. Attributes of Hong Kong as a preferred base for international companies in Asia. Preparing for difficult patches ahead. New directions for Hong Kong's development. What this new direction means for international partners such as Canada. What Hong Kong can provide for businesses, local and foreign. Encouraging more Canadian companies in high-tech industries to expand their business in Hong Kong. Financial Services. Areas in which Hong Kong can aim higher, think bigger and achieve more. Smaller enterprises. Hong Kong as an international convention, exhibition and tourism capital. Trade missions from Canada. Environmental Protection - up-to-date strategies. Improving air quality and promoting green city living. A multi-pronged approach to protecting the environment. Some specific examples. Counting on Hong Kong in Canada's China plan. Exciting times for Hong Kong. Hosting the equestrian competition for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. An invitation to visit Hong Kong.

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