Vladimir Putin

Mond, Right Hon. Alfred

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The question of Empire development as one of great interest to the Dominions. The Imperial Conference sitting now in London considering many of the problems on which the speaker talks. Some of the people leading and taking part in the Imperial Conference, and their relationship to the speaker. The after-effects of the war and how they have thrown out of gear the economic and financial system of a great many of the largest European countries. Repercussions for Empire trade generally for the want of purchasing power on the Continent of Europe. Some illustrative figures. The problem of unemployment. The great question of the overgrown population and Britain's small island remaining. How this problem relates to Empire development. Two great assets: Great Britain still the financial centre of the world; British credit today standing high, with Great Britain proud and capable of redeeming its obligations to any country that asks it, and still capable of financing great enterprises. Sacrifices made to bring about this result. Another asset of a population of men and women of the same race, language, ideals, views of citizenship, capacity for work as to be found in Canada. The type of people being offered through immigration. How we will manage. The last Government which made a beginning. The passing of an Empire Settlement Act. Monies invested. The need for something better organized than before; to prepare the way for the man who is coming, and see that his job is here when he comes, and that he is going to become a permanent resident within these borders. Difficulties to contend with. A large number of young boys who could be apprenticed to farmers, as has been done in Australia. Opportunities for development within the Empire. Standing together today as we did in the War. The issue of inter-imperial free trade. A proposal seen by the speaker which seemed to result in burdening the people of Canada with a high tariff, and gave a preference which would be higher than the tariff that is levied against the British; not the way to Empire development, but to Empire disruption. Putting the same energy, resolution, idealism and venturing into developing peace as we did in wartime. The British flag not a flag of exploitation, but a flag of inclusion, of development, of liberty and freedom. The Anglo-Saxon British-speaking Races as the stable civilizing element in the world today.

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