Vladimir Putin

Crock, Arthur

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The speaker's efforts to give clearly his conception of what the government of the United States is driving toward. The abrupt change this represents in their national psychology and structure. The reasons that brought this about. A review of recent economic events. Belief in Franklin Roosevelt to use new methods to restore employment and income in the U.S. A review of that great recovery experiment. The benefits economic but the effort really sociological. The answer of the old economists. The Federal effort to demonstrate that there are quicker steps to the restoration of the true balances, and that there are ways to hold them true for at least a generation. Relieving the suffering of society through new economic measures. The idealism to be found in these almost poetical experiments by the people of the United States. Steady charges of materialism from abroad with regard to the U.S. attitude on the war debts and recently toward international trade and tariff arrangements. Some words on the nature of the American people. The spirit with which the Americans embarked upon the national recovery measure. Social reforms of industry. The complication of strikes on these social reforms in industry. The National Labour Board making progress in improving the relations between employer and employee. Details of how economics were effected in the great and growing costs of government after the banking crisis that was acute when the U.S. changed Presidents last March. The New Deal. Empowering legislation. The Securities Act. The experiment in gold purchases. The redistribution of property and income in the country. Expenditures on public works as an unemployment relief measure. A description and discussion of The National Industrial Recovery Act. A plan that has been enlarged and fashioned into an instrument of social welfare. A nationalistic enterprise. Putting barriers around the U.S. in an effort to work out the plan without the hindrance of foreign action. Trying to do everything for ourselves by ourselves. Some words on the possibility of war.

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