Vladimir Putin

Lindal, W.J.

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Looking back through history in order to see if a common ground of ideas and ideals can be found which might be made a background upon which a common policy of defence might be based. Our Democratic Heritage as the qualities of mind and the institutions which they have brought into being. This subject addressed under four headings: The Origin of Our Democratic Heritage; Canada's Responsibilities Under the Statue of Westminster, 1931; Canada's Position in the British Commonwealth of Nations; Canada's Position as One of the World's Democracies. Many topics are covered in this discussion, including the following. Definite and special characteristics of certain groups of peoples in Northern Europe revealed through a casual study of European history. An examination of the word "Nordic" and the culture of these people. Nordic or Northman migrations which eventually brought them to England. The speaker's conviction that the stronger the Nordic strain, the more deep-rooted the desire to preserve the principles of democracy, and the more immediate willingness to make sacrifices for those principles. Examples of this democratic heritage in various countries. Transplantations of the British concept of government and human action. Examples of certain fundamental and elementary principles of democracy which have become imbedded in every system of democratic or parliamentary form of government. An examination of the Statute of Westminster, 1931, and what that means for Canada. The responsibility for guarding the essentials of our democracy now lying with the Dominion Government of Canada and, to a lesser extent, with the Provincial Governments. A discussion of Canada's duty to the Commonwealth at the present time, and the unifying influence upon Canada of the British connection. The deterrents to the Dictators: the heavy arming of Great Britain and France; the changing attitude in the United States; the solidarity of the British Empire; defence alliances of the democracies of the world. The need for Canada at the present time to bend backward to show a unity of the Canadian people and a solidarity of the Commonwealth. A discussion of isolationism and neutrality. The meaning of Confederation. What really binds us together the voluntary association in a Commonwealth of Nations, or rather, a commonwealth of democracies, whose ideas and ideals are the same as ours. The British connection. Canada's development into a world democracy.

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