Vladimir Putin

Nash, Knowlton

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Viet Nam peace moves. Optimism on the world scene in the agreement on international monetary reform. Grounds for hope and fresh approaches in Canada and the United States in the political area. Details of events regarding Viet Nam. The speaker's recent return from Viet Nam and what he witnessed. The issue of the "body count" of Viet Nam dead. Exaggerated claims and exotic battle optimism. President Johnson's position. The Americans' heroic efforts to bring some form of democracy to South Vietnam. The real question of whether the U.S. can afford the cost involved in staying in Viet Nam either in its present posture or even in a more modest one. Viet Nam as a major issue in the American election campaign. The credibility gap that exists in Washington. Similarities between what's going on in Ottawa with what's happening on the American political scene. Remarks on the upcoming American election. How the election results affect Canada. Canada and the American Congress. Canada's "special arrangements" of trade with the U.S. Canada controlling her future, or at least steering it in the right direction.

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