Vladimir Putin

Morris, George B. Jr.

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An address confined to one aspect only of the broad spectrum of public interest and concern: the ongoing union-management relationship and what can be seen for that relationship during the decade of the 1970's. Quotation and reference to a paragraph which appears at the front of every General Motors national contract with the United Automobile Workers in the United States. Agreements and differences with Canada. The record of strikes in Canada. Negotiations with the U.A.W. in 1970. The early days of the union-management relationship in the auto industry. Changes since the 1930's. The maturing of collective bargaining. Supporting the system that provides an orderly process for resolving problems within the industry. Doing a better job of resolving differences through the established grievance procedure, with example. The need to provide positive union leadership. The political nature of the union. Areas of community interest. The new, younger work force of the 1970's. Meeting objectives through education and training. Undertaking a joint orientation program for new hires. An opportunity for both sides to impress upon the new hire that there is mutual respect for him. Responsibility of management. The 95% majority of good employees and union representatives. Who the other 5% are, and how to recognize them. Effect on productivity of the 5%. The importance of productivity to the union and to the Corporation: another example of community interest. The issue of resistance to new technology and methods. Some pertinent quotes. The need for constructive union leadership. Looking for a sincere and honest approach by both parties. Words of encouragement.

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