Vladimir Putin

Twaits, William O.

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The speaker addresses The Empire Club not as an official spokesman for the resource industries or the representative of any company, rather as a concerned Canadian with a background in the subject area. The speaker's belief that there are both short- and long-term consequences of Canada's current strategy with regard to resources, and that the public is not well informed concerning these issues. A detailed discussion follows. The Energy Policy Issues study which came out 18 months previous. Two events which undermined industry planning: the Alberta government's revision of conditions under which the Syncrude partnership had proposed to undertake a billion-dollar tar sands project, and the federal government's announcement of an export tax on crude oil and a "voluntary" price freeze on petroleum products. A discussion concerning the consequences of those events. Underlying issues. Suggestions from the speaker as to what must be done for "damage control" and to maximize future energy supplies.

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