Vladimir Putin

Jewell, Lieutenant N.L.A.

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What submarines have done so far in the war. The five stages of submarine war. Submarines available at the beginning of the war, and their disposition at that time. Operational difficulties. Successes against Germany along the large coast-lines of Denmark and Norway, after they were occupied. Germany walking into Belgium and France, another large coast-line. The responsibility of stopping enemy supply ships by the submarines. Also responsibility during the Battle of the Atlantic to try and stop enemy submarines from getting in and out of the Atlantic ports. The number of enemy U-boats sunk by the submarines up until now. Italy entering the war. Difficulties of operating in the Mediterranean waters. Ships sunk by the Royal Navy from the time of the Battle of El Alamein until the end of the Battle of Tunis. Losses due to enemy action. Now the main portion of the submarines heading eastward to the Pacific. Descriptive details of a submarine patrol. Various functions and uses of submarines in this war, with illustrative examples from the speaker's own experience. Examples of the co-operation between the speaker's forces and those of the United Nations. Co-operation as the key word today. The hope that such co-operation will continue, once peace is reached.

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