Vladimir Putin

Drew, Lieutenant-Colonel George A.

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Understanding the nature of the victory that we hope to win. Being clear on our ideas as to why we are fighting and what it is we hope to accomplish. The victory of common sense and reason over the evil forces which Hitler has turned loose upon the world. A victory to be won not by arms alone, buy by courageous thinking and a clear vision of that international understanding which offers the only hope of lasting peace. Some words from Mr. Chamberlain and Monsieur Daladier. Peace, not armistice as the desired goal. War not with the German people, but against an evil system whose destruction will be as much a victory for the German people as for ourselves. The argument that there is some innate brutality in the German mind which has found its most recent expression in the torpedoing of the Athenia, the bombing of open cities and the callous disregard of international law and human decency shown in the last few days as they have placed mines in the paths of neutral ships. The speaker's response to this argument. The difficulty of over-simplification raised by this subject. Previous division of thought over this issue. An examination of some of the really remarkable parallels to the present situation which can be found from earlier records. Wellington at Waterloo as an analogy, substituting "German" for "French" and "Hitler" for "Bonaparte." Answering demands for punitive action. The result of the negotiated peace Wellington insisted upon, and the lesson it shows us. Looking forward, after this war, to a lasting friendship with Germany when Hitler and his adherents have been destroyed. The importance of making this position clear to the German people. Also making it clear to the German people that we are fighting against Communism as well and as equally as against Naziism. The hope that the German people themselves will remove Hitler from power and set up a government which will be prepared to lay the foundation for a lasting peace. Stalin's purpose. The crowning genius of British culture that even the most savage tribes have been treated as friends. The British way.

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