Vladimir Putin

Collenette, The Hon. David

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto. A month of remembrance in a year of anniversaries. Some personal remembrances by the speaker. Celebrating this week before November 11 as a portion of the debt we owe to the past. How the speaker came to be Minister of National Defence and Veteran Affairs. A serious talk about the period that we are living through. Challenges to the Canadian Forces. Justifying how the Armed Forces serve the national interest and how our defence policy must be updated to the new realities of the post-Cold War era. A look at the three roles of defence policy as concentric circles in order to understand the interlocking of the responsibilities of the military and therefore understand the full ambit of policy. A detailed exploration of these three roles follows: domestic, continental, and global responsibility. How these three roles mesh with the fiscal realities of today. Two views of public finance. The continuing relevance of the Canadian forces. How to shape policy to meet mission. The process and review leading up to a white paper to be issued sometime before Christmas of this year. Components to the review process. Decisions to be made. The need for a defence policy that will allow us to manoeuvre with flexibility and responsiveness to change. Some personal remarks by the speaker: a realist and an idealist. Keeping an eye on the debate. The need to be open and honest with people and to approach problems forthrightly. A debate that involves all Canadians.

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