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Lamport, Allan and Parkin, John C.

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Mr. Parkin The problem, as an architect, of qualifying as an expert in transportation. The impact of design and provision of transportation facilities on the physical characteristics of communities. Transportation and community aesthetics--the attractive city environment. The development of the epxressway-parkway systems in and around our great North American cities as an important aesthetic expression of this century. The combination of beauty and power, as illustrated when driving into Manhattan. The creation of a new urban scale through our new expressways and interchanges. Examples in Toronto. Rapid transit facilities in the heart of the city. An example of "penny-wise" thinking in civic transportation design that is today regrettable. The need for "more than a little art along with all the science in the rebuilding of Toronto." The necessity of a positive attempt to make our environment a work of art. Mr. Lamport Speaking as "one of those working men of transit who is prepared to give every effort within my capacity to try to do the best job possible for you and the citizens of Metropolitan Toronto, and my bosses, Metropolitan Council." Some background about urban street capacity, with statistics. The value and advantage in public transit. Operating procedures. The importance of population density. The growth of street traffic. Toronto's transit traffic pattern of the last 12-13 years, and particularly the last five years, indicating a relatively high increase in uptown-crosstown traffic compared with the lower, more established routes. Influences for this pattern. Requirements for subway development. The work of the Transit Commission and the Metropolitan Council in safe-guarding transit and the needs of the 60% of the population who depend on public transit. Optimism for the future.

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