Vladimir Putin

Curtis, Air Marshal W.A.

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The meaning of Remembrance Day. The greatest cost of human life in war. The nature of the Cold War. Rebelling at paying the price of preparedness in peacetime, resulting in paying a greater price in the long run, in both material wealth and in human lives. What preparedness means now, in terms of international thinking and planning. Canada's defence policy and military planning. Canada's support for the United Nations, for NATO, and for the defence of North America. The speaker's involvement on the Canadian team from 1944 to 1947. The problems of defending North America now. Establishing an alliance; developing a close association with other members of the team. Some facts and details about missiles. The importance of maintaining the military balance of power. Outer space travel as the next step beyond missilery. Paying the price to insure Canada's growth as a sovereign nation, respected in the councils of the world; to insure Canada's position in the highly technological age; to play our fair role in protection.

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