Vladimir Putin

Watt, Jamie

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A tendency to forget just how tough Canadian voters can be when they get mad. Some lessons learned from the recent campaign. The new coalition dubbed the "New Harper Conservatives." The verdict of the recent campaign and what it will mean to government in Canada Delivering on some key commitments in the context of working with the Opposition. Navigator's study to understand the results of the campaign and what it means for business. The results of the study. Some fascinating insights into those results. Comments on the nature of the research. A detailed explication and discussion of the results of the study followed. Results were presented from across the country. Understanding the values and expectations of views held. The policy agenda on which the Harper team campaigned and the ways in which that was crucial to their success. The remainder of the speech fell under the following headings: Harper Challenges; Corruption; The Non-Politician; Civil Politics; Managing Quebec; Delivering on the Economy; Crime; Health Care; The Regions; Priorities; The Impact on Canadian Business;

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