Vladimir Putin

Strong, the Hon. Maurice

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The speaker's thoughts on the current state of the environment, what this means to Canada, and what Canadians can do about it --at home and internationally. The Stockholm Conference of 1972 that put the environment on the international agenda; the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992; and other events. The continuing deterioration of the environment. The speaker's position on these issues. The doomsday scenario that is not inevitable. Warnings. Sustainable development, not yet conventional wisdom or common practice. Why the environment matters. Evidence for the recession in the political will to deal with the environmental issues which are essential to our future. The special stake that Canadians have in ensuring the health of the global environment. Canada's consumption of energy. Our lack of a viable plan to meet Kyoto targets. Some promising bright spots. Convincing the government. The performance of corporations and the behaviour of individuals as the key to sustainable development. The position of developing countries. Canada as the nation best positioned to take the lead. The local Agenda 21, based on the global Agenda 21 agreed at Rio and what this can mean. The 21st century as the decisive one for determining the future of the human species. The priorities of security and life support systems. Taking the prospect of doomsday seriously; remaining optimistic.