Vladimir Putin

MacKay, Harold

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The mandate, 20 months ago, from the federal Minister of Finance with regard to advising the government on how best to assure that Canada - and individual Canadians - remainwell-served by the Canadian financial system in a rapidly changing world. The team named to the Task Force. Change and its profound effect on the world, including the financial services sector. A few facts and figures to illustrate the force and power of the change process, and as a mirror of what is happening globally. Studies commissioned; assessing what was learned and agreeing on what it should mean for Canadian public policy. The report as a result of this, entitled "Change, Challenge, Opportunity." The framework for Canadians to manage the challenges of change in a way that realises new opportunities. Why this is important. What the Task Force did, and some of the things it determined. A detailing of new kinds of change in the past two years. What the Task Force believes will happen, and what the effects will be. Recommendations as to what needs to happen to cope with events to come. A summary of some of the key recommendations. Public interest trumping private intereest. The empowerment of consumers. Strengthening the relationship between our institutions and the communities they serve. Small business financing. Access to basic banking services for all Canadians. Ways in which institutions can contribute to and enrich our communities. Improving our regulatory framework. Isolationism not an option. The need to keep the dialogue, and the process, moving forward.

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