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The very great awakening in the British Isles as to the true meaning of Empire. Recent events that have entirely altered the outlook of the average British citizen upon Canadian affairs. An interest and affection that has been created and which the speaker believes neither time nor stress will obliterate. Time for the British peoples to come together, think together, act together, trade together and, if necessary, fight together for our own ends. A community of interests as the greater binder, with a common desire for defence and then a common control of that defence in which all parts join. Remembering that it was the Dominion of Canada which first extended a trade preference to the other parts of the Empire, and the results of that preference. The turn of the Mother County to move in answer to this policy which has been adopted in the Dominion. The need for moral support for those in Great Britain who have absolutely staked their political reputation on the policy of Empire union and Empire consolidation. Asking those who have so much influence in the affairs of Canada to reaffirm our trade policy and to tell Great Britain definitely that we maintain that policy, and that we still believe in the policy of granting preference for preference. Issues of emigration. Urging Canadian statesmen to endeavour to grapple with the question of organized female emigration to Canada. Trade co-operation as the best road to ultimate federation, with common defence resulting from co-operation in trade. The naval question. The fleet of the British Empire for the first time in history seriously challenged. The seriousness of the issue. Canada's interest in this issue. The German peril an actual fact. The need to stop this mad race for armaments by making it perfectly clear the fleet supremacy is not the affair of the little Islands in the North Sea alone, but that it is the affair of all the nations of the British people throughout the world who desire not only to have peace, freedom, and security, but who are determined to preserve these blessings and will pledge themselves in union to maintain them. One more aspect of the naval question. The changed nature of war. Welcoming the idea that those who contribute to the Imperial whole shall share in the control and take part in its direction.

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