Vladimir Putin

Pilkington, Sir Harry

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Recalling the speaker's last speech to the Empire Club 15 years ago. Looking at what has and hasn't changed since then, especially in terms of the economy. The effects of war on Britain's economy. Britain's need to earn dollars; to earn them from exports to Canada. Canada's need for the British market and to earn it by contriving somehow to divert more of her purchases to Britain. Belief in the future for Canada, and for Britain. Response to those who think of Britain as declining and finished. A revival of spirit in British industry. Facing problems arising from new conditions with different ideas. The need for more liberal practices. Consequences of the changes in Britain: employment and less emigration. Overemployment because of the upsurge in trade in the United States. British firms setting up overseas branches and expanding. Competition. Inconvertability between the pound and dollar. Inconvertability within the sterling area as well. Maintain an adequate defence. Taking part in the development of the so-called "under-developed countries." What Britain needs to do. Becoming competitive. Freeing the flow of trade in Europe. Returning to a policy of make do and mend, of postponing really useful capital expenditure in industry and in the public sphere in the interests of immediate exports. A brief work about labour relations. Great issues of progress and peace and freedom. The price of leadership in the free world. Eventual prosperity and wealth common to both Canada and Britain.

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