Vladimir Putin

Balcer, The Honourable Leon

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The repatriation of the Constitution as a progressive move and an important step in the history of Canada. The power to amend the Constitution. Bringing the Constitution up to date through a long series of federal-provincial meetings. Securing the agreement of all the provinces to the Favreau formula. Repercussions of the Constitution, as amended. Concerns over the shift of power from the federal to the provincial governments, through the Favreau formula. The speaker's feeling that this shift is inevitable, even necessary at the present time. Meeting some of Quebec's present requests. Examples of advantages to such a shift of power to the provinces. Some remarks on the Constitution of a country and what it should be. The logic of a complete redrafting of Canada's Constitution. The suggestion of a Royal Commission and what its terms of reference might be. Modernizing the Constitution and why that should be done. A new Constitution that would go a long way to promote national unity, respect and friendship between Canada's two cultural groups.

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