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Montagu, Lord, of Beaulieu

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The importance of aviation at the present time and its growing importance for the near future in this great War. The decided influence it will have upon the final stages of the struggle. Credit to Gen. Heigh for the facilities for training aviators here in Canada. The need of the qualities of individual initiative and personal bravery being found and appreciated in the Canadian pilots, with examples. How aviation has grown in importance in this War. The increase of planes and pilots. The long-distance bombing machine as a long-range gun. The speaker's hope that in the near future we shall be able to attack by bombing the whole of that part of Germany which lies in Westphalia. An analogy of blowing up the wasps' nest, and not then needing to bother about the individual wasps. A review of the activities of the Royal Naval Air Service, and the Royal Flying Corps. The great wastage of men and machines. The hope that well-equipped and great factories like we have here in Canada will continue to turn out work for the Empire for many months and years to come. Hoping to see the factories here in Canada as the nucleus of a still bigger interest throughout Canada. Recruits from Canada. Placing more and more reliance every day on aviation as a means of winning this War. The belief that if we can once rule the air along the whole line of the front, everything else will follow. Not counting on early victory; setting teeth and work and realizing that the enemy has still masses of men, great intelligence and energy, and that he is building aircraft for all he is worth, and training pilots as fast as he can. Confidence that if the Empire joins together, all the various members joining with the Mother Country shall eventually overcome all difficulties.

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