Vladimir Putin

Somerville, Sir James F.

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The speaker's personal and professional background. His impressions of Canada some 50 years ago. Some words on the tensions between those in the new country, and those in the old, and how they view each other. The disappearance of these "little frictions and distempers" when we fight "side by side in defence of our freedom and liberties." The history of the escort and hunting groups that kept the great sea routes across the Atlantic open during World War II, disclosing a comradeship in arms. Canada's contribution to the Second World War, one of her outstanding ones being that in respect to the protection of the Atlantic sea routes. Some facts and figures which tell the story. A description of various campaigns and events in the Second World War in which Canada's Navy played a significant role. Appreciation of the part played by the British in winning the war, with some facts and figures. The importance of co-operation between the Commonwealth and the Empire following the war. The possibilities of a third world war, and the nature of such a war. Facing up to the facts of what causes war. The need to determine what steps are to be taken to deal with the causes of war. Efforts to prevent war, and what that might involve. The British Commonwealth and Empire: a short description. The need for the British Commonwealth and Empire to be ready to co-operate again in keeping the sea routes open.

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