Vladimir Putin

Clark, The Rt. Hon. Joe

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The speaker, self-described as a Canadian optimist and a Canadian realist. How that is so. Facing an u unusual challenge. Goals and growth, spoken of inseparably. Community. A sense of national identify. Characteristics of Canadian communities. Compassion and accomplishment. A partial list of remarkable Canadian individuals and their achievements. The need to be concerned about the slipping grip of our country on the imagination of our young people. The need for a strong economy. A close examination of Paul Martin's assertion that the "fundamentals" of the Canadian economy are strong. Whether or not the Prime Minister is telling Canadians the whole truth. The Employment Insurance Fund. Remarks about Premier Harris' protestations. The larger issue of integrity in government. Poor productivity as the main weakness in our economy today. Failure to attract foreign investment. Beginning with a commitment to long-term fiscal responsibility, which means a commitment to balanced budgets. Committing to a comprehensive programme for debt reduction. Embarking on a policy of lightening the tax burden on Canadians. Problems with the Canadian economic union and the consequences of those problems. Knocking down interprovincial trade barriers. The speaker's proposal that we focus on the economic and social interdependence of all parts of the federation, and start from there. Social realities. Managing jointly the economic and social union. The agenda the Progressive Conservatives should place before the Canadian people in the 30 months between now and the calling of a general election. Reminders in the news lately of old debates on policies whose merits we can now judge in light of experience. Some last summary comments.