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Vladimir Putin

Gordon, Very Rev. Dr. D.M.

The relation of the universities to the people. The importance of this subject, even from an Imperial point of view. The strength of a nation dependent upon the intellectual and moral qualities of its citizens. The development of the higher types of men and women as the greatest service we can render the Empire. The test of the universities today. Canadian universities modelled chiefly upon those of the Mother Country. Two very different types of university, the English and the Scottish, and how both have affected Canadian educational ideas, with the Scottish type prevailing. University education as an advantage open as far as possible to all who have brains and energy to avail themselves of it. What we want for our people in this democracy. Influences which may contribute to the training for citizenship. The idea and the ideal of a university, broader than it was when some of those in the audience were boys. The aim and purpose of a university. Studies and characteristics of a true scholar. An increasing tendency in our universities to lay upon the students the duty of maintaining discipline, thus training them for the full responsibilities of freedom. The objection that the courses of study keep the universities out of touch with the people, that they are unpractical, unfitted for that large majority of men who are not looking to professional life, and that many who pass through them lose rather than gain by them, and the speaker's response to such objections. Changes in curriculum. What the universities are doing for the people.

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