Vladimir Putin

Parkin, George R.

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The great Congress of Universities of the Empire held in London last summer. The range of our experience on education matters. Comparing our own educational system and experience with those of other nations. A consideration of the essential aims of education: to maintain a high standard of morality in all the relations of public, commercial, and social life; to increase the efficiency of the individual citizen for whatever work he has to do and to deepen his sense of public duty and responsibility for unselfish service to the whole community; to increase the happiness and welfare of the individual citizen, and of the whole community to which we belong. The responsibility which lies upon the shoulders of those who have to think upon educational questions, and carry out educational systems. Why that sense of responsibility must rest on the shoulder of the man of the British race more heavily than upon any other people or any other race in the world. The responsibility of the Mother Land; the responsibility of the great self-governing colonies to which the people of the Mother Land go; the responsibility which both Mother Land and Colonies owe to those three hundred and fifty millions of the weaker races that, in the course of our history, have been placed under our control and who look to us for development, wise government, justice, and whatever else makes for their highest good. A discussion of each of these jurisdictional areas of responsibility follows. The great opportunity for the future that Canada has now.

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